Distributed shadow finance protocol

About us

“Shadow Banking”(Shadow Banking)Blockchain technology has the characteristics of distributed ledger storage database, decentralized, tamper proof and traceability, and the relevant needs of banking industry have a natural fit. Shadow. Finance (SFI) creatively introduces blockchain technology into shadow Banking system, combined with the advantages of smart contract, fragmentation technology, P2P technology, Byzantine algorithm and many other algorithms, provides a high-throughput difi protocol to help shadow banking integrate with traditional banks, improve information disclosure mechanism, and establish a compliant and transparent financial system.


Supply chain finance

Participants (including suppliers, purchasers and banks) can reduce labor costs and errors caused by manual transactions, improve security and achieve end-to-end transparency.

Proof of interest

The unforgeability and non repudiation of blockchain can be applied to confirm the ownership of equity owners, especially for transaction records that need to be stored permanently, such as real estate ownership, vehicle ownership, equity transaction, etc.

Digital bill

The point-to-point transaction in the bill market realizes the disintermediation of the bill value transfer; the unforgeability also makes the bill once completed the transaction, there will be no repudiation, and the associated time stamp also provides a transparent and trustworthy traceability path, so as to effectively reduce the audit cost of supervision.